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For many healthcare providers embedding and sustaining an organisation-wide quality improvement culture and practice can be, like any organisational transformation programme, challenging. Appropriate use of technology can help to overcome these challenges and progress along the improvement journey with ease.


In our free eBook, we explore why an increasing number of healthcare providers in the UK are turning to Life QI as their technology platform of choice.


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Embracing quality improvement requires an approach based on the concept that sustained improvement is best achieved by empowering frontline teams and carers to design, implement and test changes to services and share good practice on quality improvement with each other. Learn how Life QI can help to bring a team together to collaborate using the integrated improvement tools to test changes and evidence the impact, and, at the same time, to search for, connect and collaborate with the national improvement community using the platform.



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Using technology to enable and accelerate improvement

Life QI accelerates the improvement journey by enabling capacity development, project execution and informed decision making.


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Challenges in developing and scaling improvement capability

We focus on three key challenges which generally present themselves at all points along the improvement journey.


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Share and accelerate together

Life QI represents an incredibly rich database of active, completed, successful and failed improvement work to learn from as well as country-wide improvers who you may be able to work with.


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Case Studies

Successful programmes of work led by leading independent providers, like Cygnet Health, and by trusts, like CNWL demonstrate the successful application of Life QI.


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The 10 point plan

Wherever you are in your QI journey, this quick guide will help you understand the steps required to deliver sustained improvement across your Trust!