Run a QI project - 05

Quality improvement involves a combined effort among healthcare staff and stakeholders to identify and solve problems in their organisation. However, healthcare professionals often lack training in quality improvement methods, which makes it challenging to participate in improvement efforts.


Learn what you can do for a successful QI project and to achieve a significant improvement in your organisation.


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Anyone can get involved in a QI project, you only need an idea, a team and a good planning. Learn all what you need to do when starting a quality improvement project!





Selecting the right QI project idea

Choosing the right improvement idea is one of the first things you need to consider when starting a QI project. We give examples of how you can select your initial idea with minimum stress!



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How to define the aim statement

Lack of direction and scope can lead to wasted resources, frustration, and even project failure. An aim statement acts as your compass to guide and focus your team’s efforts.


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How to assemble your team

Selecting the right team is important for successful implementation of your QI project. It is much easier
to embrace change when you are involved in helping fix the problem, so teamwork is essential.


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Choosing suitable measures

How do you know that the change you made was an improvement? When doing an improvement project measurement is a key ingredient to show results and achievements toward your desired goal.


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How to collect data

The collection of data will be a really important part of your improvement project. With judicious preparation, systems and tools, you will be all set to collect data you need for your projects.


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Testing changes with PDSA cycles

Plan-Do-Study-Act or PDSA cycles are an integral part of your Quality Improvement projects. We talk you through the basics and look at why you should use this really effective way to test changes.


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Maintaining project momentum

You’ve started out on your Quality Improvement (QI) project – you now need to make sure you maintain project momentum in order to fully deliver on the vision and maximise the impact it delivers.


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Implementing the results

Once you have tested and identified changes that successfully improve your process, it is important to
sustain and hardwire them into your organisation. See how to deploy your QI changes.


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How to close out your project

Whether your improvement has been successful or not, there comes a time to close it out. Learn what activities you will need to carry out in order to learn from the experience and close out your project.