Running improvement collaborative in Life QI

Running a QI Collaborative can seem like a daunting task, but the rewards of a successful improvement collaborative can be huge - often resulting in more efficient processes, better patient outcomes, reduced service costs and happier staff. 


This free guide explores a number of ideas and things to consider about how to prepare for and run a successful improvement collaborative, and how Life QI supports you to do that.


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What's inside


If you want to run a successful improvement collaborative to encourage transformational change, patient safety and quality improvement – it’s really important to set it up it correctly, right from the start. Learn how Life QI can help to bring a team together to collaborate using the integrated improvement tools and measure the results with possible aggregation of data from all your sites.



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Identifying the problem

Identifying the problem to solve should be the first step when running an improvement collaborative. See how to start!


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Bringing the team together

All successful collaboratives rely on a strong team at its heart. Find out what you need to consider before choosing who to work with.


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Building the infrastructure

If you want to succeed in your collaborative, you need to have a sound IT infrastructure, measurement and communication tools.


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Defining a measurement plan

Measurement strategy is key when you run a collaborative with teams reporting from different organisations. See how Life QI can help!


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Keeping track of progress

Successful collaboration between disparate teams can be a real challenge. We show how you can make sure to keep close contact with teams and understand how they're progressing.


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Moving to sustainability

When you understand what's working, you can move to the next phase: how to sustain the successful changes that have been made.