4 tips for updating your QI project

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Published on 9 April 2020 at 11:38

by Jason Williams

4 tips for updating your project - 01

With the constant pressure of everyday working, along-side a continuous changing environment it can be difficult to stay close to your quality improvement project, which can result in updates to projects being delayed.  


Nonetheless doing so is really important - it keeps your team mates up to date with the latest progress so they can effectively contribute to next steps, and it ensures your organisation is getting an accurate picture of the impact you are making.


To help with this we have prepared our top 4 tips for keeping your project up to date. So next time you have 5 minutes, make yourself a fresh coffee and work through these quick tasks ...


Our top tips for updating your project are:


1 - Update your progress score

Make sure the score reflects the current state of the project. This is super important as it is used in your organisation’s reporting metrics. Learn more.


2 - Leave a status update

As well as keeping the score up to date, leave a status update so that team members and colleagues understand the latest position and plan for the next period. Along with the progress score, this status update is crucial information used when your organisation is reviewing projects. Learn more. 


3 - Get your charts up to date

Have you entered all data points for all your measures? If not collate the overdue data and paste them into your charts so you can evaluate the latest progress. Learn more.


4 - Document all your recent PDSA cycles and plan the next set

Start by getting all your recent PDSA cycles listed and the PDSA sections filled out so they show up as being complete. Then why not spend some time listing ideas for new cycles and plan out what will be needed to run each test. Learn more. 



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