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Published on 1 April 2019 at 17:28

by Kerrie Preston

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You may have come across patient safety or quality improvement software in the past but not fully engaged. Healthcare organisations worldwide are ditching their archaic, clunky, offline (or dare I say it, paper-based) systems in favour of an 'All-In-One' web-based solution. 


But what does an 'All-In-One' platform really have to offer and how does software specifically designed around quality improvement benefit the healthcare sector? Lets take a look at how Life QI can help you harness the benefits of an 'All-In-One' platform and explore whether Life QI is the right fit for your organisation.

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Point solutions are old hat! 

'Point Solution' refers to software that solves one particular problem. Which is great if you only ever had one task to complete time and time again. But today's reality is that we have multiple tasks to complete and having multiple software programmes for each task just doesn't cut the mustard! Point Solutions are slowing people down, often require configuration, open up room for error, create barriers and have little ability to scale.


Wouldn't it be great to remove the need for separate applications for each part of your Quality Improvement journey? How many people are still building Driver Diagrams in PowerPoint, creating SPC charts in Excel, using Word for reporting and accessing old data because there is no centralised hub for live data? With a solution that seamlessly integrates QI tools, brings people together and tracks and analyses improvement outcomes, there seems little to no sense as to why people wouldn't want to be ahead of the game and showcase their entire QI portfolio in one place. Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust have seen fantastic results since introducing a clear, systematic approach in their organisation, find out how they implemented Life QI.



Life QI's Quality Improvement Platform


Built to facilitate QI methodology, Life QI's all-in-one quality improvement platform is easy-to-use and helps organisations to run projects, track data and analyse outcomes to make improvement happen. So, is Life QI right for you? Lets explore how Life QI can advance your QI journey to over come organisational challenges and concentrate on the three components that Life QI bring together in an 'All-in-one'solution. 


Organisational Challenge


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With increasing pressure to record and report on multiple QI activities and yield results, now more than ever is a need to be able to have all of your activity in one place. 





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