April Roundup 2020

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Published on 6 May 2020 at 13:46

by Kerrie Preston

April Roundup - Life QI 2020

This month we have been looking at PDSA Cycles in more depth.

Here are some great articles for you to digest.



What is a PDSA cycle? - Life QIWhat is a PDSA Cycle?

Find out how you can kick start the process and prepare a PDSA, giving your project a greater chance of success. Read more about PDSA cycles






How to write a PDSA cycle - Life QI

How do I write a PDSA cycle?

It's great that you've decided to write a PDSA cycle, but how exactly do you start? We'll be looking at how you write a PDSA cycle and sharing with you how you can ease your path towards continuous improvement. Find out here



How to Plan your PDSA Cycles as a team - Life QI

How do I plan a PDSA cycle as a team?

This can be quite a daunting prospect, so we talk you through some hints and tips and show you how to write your PDSA as a team. Read more about working with your team to implement QI.







There are many more PDSA articles that you are sure to find useful. Learn more about PDSAs. 




 Life QI updates fast approaching in June 2020



SPC Chart - Life QIWe have completely rebuilt SPC charts based on user feedback. The result makes charts easier to create, add data and configure to look just the way you want them. This upgrade sees a number of existing features completely re-imagined and the introduction of a range of new chart features.

Check out the headline SPC upgrades in this Labs article



Chart & Data - Life QIWe are implementing a number of updates targeting at speeding up your use of Life QI. These range from upgraded server infrastructure, to removing all the Edit buttons, and reducing the number of clicks to carry out certain actions. Plus with many of the tools upgrading to be even easier to use the experience has been streamlined so you can get the most from your QI time.

This video shows how quick it is to create a chart and add data



Collaboration and Productivity

EmojiThe collaboration and productivity functionality has been revamped to make it more useful and usable. Tasks are more flexible. File uploads are slicker. Discussions have been replaced with Comments, and come with @mentions and emojis! Comments threads are on individual tools as well as projects and the notification emails now contain the comment left by your team mate.

This video showing the comments and @mentions in action



And there’s so much more ….

There is a ton more great stuff coming too. So keep an eye on our Labs blog that previews the developments we are working on, and look out for another update in the roundup next month!



Interesting Read


Kings fund Don BerwickKing's Fund - Adapting to Change - Prof Don Berwick

The King's Fund spoke to Don Berwick, President Emeritus at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, to ask him how leaders can adapt during changing circumstances. 

Watch his video to learn more. 





Case studies!

If you have any success stories or would be interested in doing a mini case study with us, we would love to hear from you. Click here to drop us an email.



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