April Roundup 2021

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Published on 6 May 2021 at 15:01

by Reka Toth

April 2021 Roundup

Testing changes and sustaining the gains of your improvement project

Last month we helped you with starting a new improvement project. We explained how to choose the best change idea and define your aim statement, as well as how to select the members for your improvement team.


This month we go further and we show how you can easily test your changes with PDSA cycles. You'll see which steps you need to follow to write a PDSA cycle and how you can measure its success with the data you have collected.


We will also focus on a very important part of the improvement process - the implementation phase. We give you a helping hand to create your implementation plan so you can sustain the gains and incorporate them into your ‘business as usual’ processes.


And finally, independently from the outcome of your project, we show you how to analyse the results and learn from the experience, and what you need to do to close out your improvement project so also the others can learn from your work.



Design and Testing changes with PDSA cycle


Design and test changes using PDSA cycles

The PDSA cycle is a structured method which is commonly used to test changes as part of an improvement initiative or project. It enables you to test changes on a small scale and quickly. Read more. 
Maintain Project Momentum


How to maintain project momentum

As improvement wins can sometimes be fragmented and can take time to bed in, you need to find the best method to keep encouraging your team to remain motivated and focused to maximise the impact your project delivers. Read more. 
Implement QI projects


How to implement QI projects successfully

Implementation is a really important stage of your QI project, as it’s when you get to share the great results you have achieved and deploy and embed the changes into your organisation. Read more. 
Close out a quality improvement project


How to close out an improvement project

There are many things you need to do to analyse the results before you close out an improvement project. You need to analyse your results and establish what – if any - benefits have been obtained. Read more. 

Interesting Read


tips for measuring joy in workTips for Measuring Joy in Work

Using data to understand human constructs such as work-life, wellbeing, and empathy is key to promoting sustainable change. The IHI collected some principles to keep in mind when building an infrastructure for wellness monitoring and improvement.





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