Coming soon: Life QI Learning Centre

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Published on 13 September 2016 at 10:37

by Jason Williams

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Rather than overwhelming you with clunky user manuals, we've been busy developing a full and comprehensive Learning Centre for the Life QI platform.

As well as providing step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos on how to use every single feature of the Life system, the Centre will also include a host of Further Learning articles. These articles will cover a range of topics such as case studies, SPC charts, the Model for Improvement methodology, and advice on how to best run your QI project. Articles will be written by the team here at Life HQ and as well as you - the QI community. You are the best source of knowledge on how to affect quality improvement so we will constantly be looking for articles and case studies from our users.



The Centre will also offer assistance on basic problems such as issues using and understanding the system (particularly for those new to the methodology), and answering common questions like changing a password and updating your profile.



The Learning Centre will be launched to co-inside with the new design of the Life QI public facing website ( in December.



For the time being, if you have any questions or experience any difficulties using the Life platform, either contact your host organisation or email Our Life QI Help Team will be happy to resolve any technical issues that you may have.



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