Exciting Updates to Programmes

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Published on 28 February 2019 at 14:36

by Kerrie Preston

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1. Project teams on programmes

Managing project teams on programmes is on its way! Currently programmes require admins to create all projects before they can invite the participants to those projects. With this update admins can build out their teams up front, define which projects (based on templates) that team will need to be running and then invite everyone in one go, when the programme is fully set-up and ready.


  • Admins can build out the teams or pass the responsibility of inviting team members to team leads.
  • Team members will automatically become members of the programme and get a unique team start page when they navigate to the programme.
  • Team members get tailored calls to action for tasks such as when they should start their projects.
  • Admins can provide a custom welcome message and brief for each team to ensure they know exactly what they need to be doing when they first come to the programme.


2. Change ideas on programme driver diagram

There have been a number of requests to add change ideas to programme driver diagrams, we have listened to the feedback and you will be able to add as many change ideas as you like to your programme!


Programme Driver Diagram Change Ideas


3.  Programme admins get automatic access to projects

The programme team will now benefit from having their membership applied to all projects in that programme. This is great for 'programme admins' as they will now be able to admin all projects on that programme without having to be a member on every project.


Programme Member


4. Progress scores on programmes

Progress scores will soon be a feature on programmes. They will have a slightly simplified implementation of the project progress scores.


Programme Progress Score


5. PDSA cycles on project templates

Project templates are key functionality on programmes and this update will see the addition of PDSA's to those templates. Programme admins can even define tasks and add multiple cycles ready to be implemented across all projects.

Project Template PDSAs


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