Feature Update: Life QI's Interface Refresh

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Published on 8 November 2018 at 08:48

by Kerrie Preston

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Introducing: View Tabs, Member Panel and Actions Buttons! 

Great news! We are excited to be announcing some awaited updates to the Life QI interface. These new features are designed to improve our user's experience and streamline the user's quality improvement journey.



Main Side Bar Menu:

The lengthy menu on the left-hand side of the platform is no longer lengthy! The left bar is now fixed with top line categories displayed. The subcategories have now been placed on the project page in a tab format.


Life QI - Side Bar Blog


View Tabs:

The tabs are back!  Navigate through your project with ease by simply clicking the relevant tab shown on each project page. This subtle change offers users a quick and easy route to navigate around their project.

 Life QI - View Tabs Blog 

Members Panel:

The members panel has had a revamp and has moved, slightly. This consistent location is shown across all pages requiring member management (for example project pages, programmes, dashboards etc.) It's quicker to invite and add members by clicking the pop out panel on the right-hand side and it neatly tidy's away when you have finished. 


Members Panel Blog



Action Buttons:

Is the 'Action Button' new? Technically yes. The decision was made to consolidate all of the current buttons and de-clutter each page. The position is consistent across the platform and contains actions such as export, report, delete, pin etc. 


Life QI - Action Button Blog



Don't forget the official launch date is on Monday 26th November.






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