Feature Updates on Driver Diagrams

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Published on 5 November 2018 at 15:17

by Kerrie Preston

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Introducing: Drag & Drop and Expand

In the early stages, Life QI produced a tool that provided quality improvement users the opportunity to create Driver Diagrams without the hassle of using PowerPoint. Following the success of the tool that allows healthcare improvers to complete a driver diagram in a pre-defined template, we have focused our attention on user feedback, implementing two new updates increasing efficiency and saving time!



1. Drag & Drop

It's here! The drag & drop functionality on Life QI's driver diagram has been the missing part of the jigsaw for many of our users. Now you can manually reorder your drivers by simply clicking on the driver you wish to move, drag it to a new position and drop it. Simple!


 Driver Diagram Reorder Blog


2. Expand View

There are plenty of detailed driver diagrams on the Life QI system which is great to see! But when they are jam-packed with fantastic ideas it can be hard to view the Driver Diagram in its entirety. This can now be overcome by simply clicking on the expand button at the top of the Driver Diagram. This functionality produces a full-width display giving the user a larger canvas to view and edit driver diagrams.


Driver Diagram Expand Blog



Don't forget the official launch date is on Monday 26th November.





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