Feature Update: Project Page

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Published on 20 November 2018 at 17:54

by Kerrie Preston

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Introducing: Timeline, Project Noticeboard and More...



Pop-out Panel

The pop-out panel on the right-hand side of the project page screen is now home to the timeline, members area, documents folder and project noticeboard.




The new timeline presents a full history of your quality improvement project, taking you right back to the beginning. This feature highlights progress score changes, key events, new members invited and more.


 Life QI Timeline



Members Area

This is still the membership area you are used to but is now quicker and easier to access. Users can instantly review project team members and invite new people by clicking on the member section of the pop-out panel on the project page. 



Life QI Member Pop out



Documents Folder

Get faster and easier access to documents and folders through the pop-out panel. This more intuitive model also features the much-requested ability to move files between folders.



Project Noticeboard

Remove the barriers! Life QI has now added an easy to reach place to notify all of your project members, just click on the Megaphone Icon on the right-hand side pop-out panel. Not only can you open up a top-level conversation with your colleagues, you can also share documents, it's a great way to keep everyone in the loop! 



PDSA Completion

Improvements to the PDSA page offers a clearer view and navigation with tab sections for Plan, Measure and Evaluate. We have also revamped the tasks, giving users access to a more active component that can be used on a daily basis.


 Life QI Task



Did you know that...

Documents can now be added to groups? Being able to share documents directly to your group is a great way of ensuring everybody has access to the right information, all of the time! 



 Don't forget the official launch date is on Monday 26th November.





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