February Roundup 2022

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Published on 4 March 2022 at 09:56

by Reka Toth

Feb 2022 - 02

Integrated Care Systems in England

Integrated care systems mean an even closer collaboration with NHS organisations, in partnership with local councils and others, taking collective responsibility for managing resources, delivering NHS standards, and improving the healthcare services for local people. As we're getting closer to the date of transition to the ICSs in England, in this month we thought to put together some useful articles to help explain and overcome the challenges it comes with.


Check out our latest blog articles about this fundamental shift in the way the health and care system is organised. Learn what integrated care means for leadership and how technology can be used to support the joined-up care.



Leadership ICS


Leadership in Integrated Care Systems

The evolving roles of those leading the new Integrated Care Systems may provide both challenges and opportunities. We explore the skills that are needed for successful ICS leaders and how the new joined up systems can mean more collaborative leadership. Read more. 
Data and Technology support ICS


How can data and technology support Integrated Care Systems?

By making data sharing easier, partnership working between local government, the NHS, public health and social care can be enhanced, leading to more timely and accessible decision making. Read more. 
Taking ICS approach


Why take an ICS approach to quality improvement

A joined-up approach is essential for population health in the new landscape. We explore the importance of understanding the new system, in order to design and test locally, and to share and spread what works. Read more. 


Interesting Read

quality improvement




Lessons in quality improvement

To help teams and organisations maximise their chance of planning and delivering successful and sustained quality improvement interventions, the BMJ and the Health Foundation, has created a collection of essays, analysis, and education articles on key quality improvement topics. Read more. 



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