IHI Self Assessment Progress Scores

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Published on 7 August 2019 at 16:12

by Kerrie Preston

IHI Progess Scores

Reviewing Improvement Project Development through Progress Scores

Based on a self-assessment scale developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), progress scores allow you to track your improvement project progress over time using a scale between 0.5 - 5.0. 0.5 defined as being 'signed up to participate' and 5.0 'showing outstanding sustainable results'. This rate of progression is particularly useful when an organisation is looking at a collection of QI projects at a programme, collaborative or organisational level.  


The progress scores defined:

project score - 010.5 - Intent to Participate

Project has been identified, but the charter has not been completed nor team formed.


project score - 021.0 - Charter and Team Established

A charter has been completed and reviewed. Individuals or teams have been assigned, but no work has been accomplished.


 project score - 031.5 - Planning for the Project has begun

Organisation of project structure has begun (such as: what resources or other support will likely be needed, where will focus first, tools/materials need gathered, meeting schedule developed).


project score - 042.0 - Activity, but no changes

Initial cycles for team learning have begun (project planning, measurement, data collection, obtaining baseline data, study of processes, surveys etc.).


project score - 052.5 - Changes tests, but no improvement

Initial cycles for testing changes have begun. Most project goals have a measure established to track progress. Measures are graphically displayed with targets included.


project score - 063.0 - Modest Improvement

Successful test of changes have been completed for some components of the change package related to the team's charter. Some small-scale implementation has been done. Anecdotal evidence of improvement exists. Expected results are 20% complete.


project score - 073.5 - Improvement

Testing and implementation continues and additional improvement in project measures towards goals is seen.


project score - 084.0 - Significant Improvement

Expected results achieved for major subsystems. Implementation (training, communication etc) has begun for the project. Project goals are 50% or more complete.


project score - 094.5 Sustainable Improvement

Data on key measures begin to indicate sustainability of impact of changes implemented in system.


project score - 105.0 - Outstanding Sustainable Results

Implementation cycles have been completed and all project goals and expected results have accomplished. Organisational changes have been made to accommodate improvements and to make the project changes permanent.




Self Assessment on Life QI

Life QI enables you to set a self-assessment score on the improvement project general page. The progress score is displayed and set on the glance panel of the project general page. So every time you visit the project you immediately see how far the project has progressed. This feature allows organisations to track project progress across all projects and ensure successes are celebrated and spread.


Progress Scores Life QI-1



Project List with Progress Scores

Project lists are present on the Life QI Start page, the Projects list page, and an Organisation's profile page. This is a helpful reminder allowing you to monitor your current level of progress on each project at a glance, particularly when you have a collection of projects you are working on. 


Project Progess Scores


Analytics Dashboard Breakdown

Progress score data is often aggregated and displayed on dashboards in the Analytics area of Life QI to enable the monitoring of progress across the entire organisation, or per Division/Department. 


Progress Score Analytics board



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