In-app products tours now Live in Canada, Norway & Qatar

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Published on 11 January 2022 at 13:20

by Kerrie Preston

Onboarding feature launch - 02

We shared a blog with you in October to highlight the great news that we had launched brand new guided in-app flows in the UK, US, and Australia Life QI systems….


We have even better news that these tours are now also live in the Canada, Norway, and Qatar Life QI systems!


From seeing the success of these flows to date, we know that this revolutionised onboarding process reduces learning time and undoubtedly aids navigation throughout the system for new users.


The flows available across the wider systems will guide users through the below in detail:



1. Learning basic navigation

For your first time logging in, this guide will give you a structured tour of your start page and an overview of the features key areas. The objective is to get you to where you need to be to ensure that you are efficient and focus your time on your key areas of QI work.



product tour tooltip

Example: A blue tooltip shows the user how to find their Start page



2. Understanding the key features and benefits

Life QI accelerates improvement by bringing together the tools and information you and your teams need to design your QI work.


Learn how to utilise the features of Life QI, such as researching other QI projects of interest within your organisation or wider across other organisations/ systems.


This in- app flow will show you how to search for projects in Life QI simply by adding in a key word or a phrase in the project search function.



3. Starting your first project

Learn how to start your first project in Life QI! This guide will take you through the step-by-step process of creating your project such as adding in the project titles, defining the aim, identifying the problem, and categorising your project.


Once you have created your project, you will be ready to build out your driver diagram and begin testing the changes, and guess what, we have a guide to take you through those too!!



4. Populating your project once first created

Once your project has been created, we will continue to support you with populating the other key features of your project to guide you through setting up your driver diagram, creating a measure, adding in data, and creating a PDSA.


We also have the dedicated help centre with extensive help resources here too…



Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 08.53.33

Example: Tooltip appears in a newly created project to guide you through the next steps




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