July Roundup!

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Published on 1 August 2019 at 14:29

by Kerrie Preston

Life QI July Roundup

 This Month's Updates ...

Here is a sneak peek into some of the new functionality that will be featured on the Life QI platform over the coming months. 


1. Chat Feature - Coming in the Autumn 

We are scaling up the collaboration side of the platform, offering a new chat functionality. The instant messaging feature is easily accessible throughout the platform and will enhance communication between colleagues and the Life QI community allowing you to 'chat' in real time. 



2. Stories - Coming in the Autumn 

The ability to share knowledge has always been our ambition at Life QI. There are many fantastic pieces of Improvement work happening across the Globe and we want to provide a space where users can share their QI experiences and results. 


A 'story' is essentially an article that users can write up in Life QI about their current project/programme/collaboration/training cohort, with the ability to add data from the platform such as the project detail, measures, SPC charts etc.


Stories would form part of the users Improvement journey. This may consist of one or many stories during the course of a project. Users can use the stories feature to share something they have learnt in training or even their thoughts on an interesting article they have read.


Stories will have the capability to be shared beyond the platform to users' websites and to our own Life QI story page.


To show the story tellers their appreciation and interest, people will be able to click an applaud icon.



Life QI Stories


3. Edit Fields with Ease - Delayed Autumn 

The Edit mode is still in alpha at the moment. After some initial user feedback which has been greatly appreciated, we have made a few additional tweaks which has delayed the release slightly. We are working hard to release this a soon as possible and will keep you updated with the progress. 


Featured Posts - Helpful articles on Statistical Process Control SPC Charts

We have dedicated a new page to Statistical Process Control on our website. This page features helpful information on types of SPC charting and a basic understanding of what SPC is.

Take a look here.


Interesting Read - Maximise Improvement by Empowering Staff

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Healthcare organisations are defined by their people, so valuing employees should be at the top of the list, engaged staff encourages better performance which will lead to better outcomes. Click here to read more.


Case studies!

If you have any success stories or would be interested in doing a mini case study with us, we would love to hear from you. Click here to drop us an email.



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