June Roundup 2020

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Published on 2 July 2020 at 11:27

by Kerrie Preston

Life QI June Roundup 2020

This month we are looking at QI Leadership! 


Leaders are critical for owning and expanding the quality improvement approach and providing the needed energy for implementation and scale up. Whilst we are not all born leaders, everyone has the potential to lead improvement in their areas. Leaders must be empowered to improve care, to induce others to become leaders, to see the potential of something, honour it, and support others in improving care.


QI Leadership Where do I start?QI Leadership - Where do I start?

If you are a leader in healthcare and you are thinking about implementing Quality Improvement (QI) within your organisation, we’ve gathered together some hints and tips that might be useful before you get started. See how to become a QI leader 





Leading at Different Stages of Improvement JourneyDifferent stages of the improvement journey

If you're a healthcare leader looking to develop a culture of improvement within your organisation, you should expect several stages in the journey to introduce organisation-wide improvement. Here are some ideas of what to expect and what the stages in your journey might look like. Read more about the stages of the improvement journey




Encouraging Improvement - Life QILeadership behaviours to promote improvement

Links between good leadership (supported by QI) & enhanced patient care is acknowledged across healthcare systems. Leaders using this systematic approach & techniques to improve care are being recognised & applauded. Dictatorial style leadership is now seen as stifling improvement. Learn how to become a good leader




Leadership Embracing ChangeHealthcare leaders embrace quality improvement

There is much feedback on the benefits of using QI for healthcare teams and also a general feeling that quality care can be achieved if our healthcare leadership embrace quality improvement. 

See why should embrace QI





 Great things to come in Life QI v3 - more new features to enjoy...


Tailor Project

Tailor your improvement project

Whilst improvement projects often have similarities, no two projects are the same. Life QI v3 gives you the flexibility to add or remove elements in a project & tailor it for your specific needs! Watch a video of the new functionality 




Telling your improvement story

‘Stories’ are new to Life QI v3 and provide an easy mechanism to share with colleagues of the wider improvement community.

This video outlines the new stories feature.




QI Project Workflow

Create your own project workflow

To cater for variations in project types and processes we are expanding the add-on workflow functionality to allow you to build your own project structures, from the ground up. Read more about the new feature




Life QI Labs - Blog

Life QI Labs Blog

Continue to stay up-to-date with the excellent new features coming in Life QI v3. Images & videos of the new system can be found in our Labs blog. 







Interesting Read


BMJ CultureBMJ - Understanding organisational culture for healthcare quality improvement

Russell Mannion and Huw Davies explore how notions of culture relate to service performance, quality, safety, and improvement.

Read more about the organisational culture's role in QI




Life QI Blog

LifeQI - Blog


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Case studies!

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