June Roundup 2021

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Published on 8 July 2021 at 13:14

by Reka Toth

Roundup June - 02

Coaching Quality Improvement Teams

You probably know the importance of forming QI teams, but without a coach who helps the team's work they might find difficulties in collaborating effectively. Teams often need to learn how to organise meetings and communication so that team members feel free to give their ideas. Without this information, team leaders will often try to solve problems without understanding the real challenges faced by the people doing the work.


This month we would like to provide new and potential coaches with the confidence in providing coaching to healthcare improvement teams. We will show you methods and tools you can use to help you coach improvement teams and the importance of team development and shared responsibility.


We'll explain how QI project team meetings can help support and transform your improvement culture and will give useful tips on how to empower participants to engage in the QI conversation.



Coaching Improvement Project Teams


Coaching improvement project teams

There are several methods you can use to coach project teams in quality improvement. As you work with your team to develop their QI skills, you also need to develop a shared sense of responsibility and make sure that they work effectively. Read more. 
QI project team meeting


How to run an effective QI project team meeting

Quality improvement meetings can be a vital tool in supporting your improvement efforts. Planning is key for a successful team meeting so it's worth dedicating enough time to prepare the meeting and create a helpful structure to adhere to. Read more. 


Interesting Read

healthcare debriefing




Linking Quality, Safety, and Wellness Through Healthcare Debriefing

Debriefing is a powerful way to capture the knowledge and adaptations of frontline healthcare workers and facilitates understanding of system resources and constraints. It has been demonstrated to improve performance and clinical outcomes. Read more. 





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