Launching Life QI at Hamad Medical Corporation

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Published on 5 September 2019 at 10:23

by Erika Kittow

Hamad Medical Coperation


As the principal public healthcare provider in the State of Qatar, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) continually strives to deliver the safest, most effective and most compassionate care to every patient. A wide ranging and large-scale quality improvement (QI) programme is a vital element of delivering this level of care consistently across the entire organisation.


To support the organisation, management and growth of this QI programme, HMC has adopted Life QI as its quality improvement platform of choice.


The implementation of Life QI across all 12 hospitals, the National Ambulance Service and Home and Residential Care Services has begun. In August, some of the Life QI team were in Doha to help launch HMC’s use of the platform and begin the Life QI training programme.


The rollout of Life QI across HMC hospitals is being staged over several months. To ensure staff from all hospitals get the same training and onboarding experience, a series of on-site and webinar training sessions are being run. The Life QI training programme provides HMC staff with the best possible education in how to use Life QI most effectively in their improvement work.


Structuring the use of Life QI

An organisation of the scale of HMC (25,000 staff) typically requires two things from Life QI:


  1. Enable and empower the hundreds of project teams to carry out their improvement projects
  2. Accurate and timely visibility of improvement data for operational decision making


With thousands of staff and hundreds of projects taking place, hands on support and guidance for everyone is a logistical and resource challenge for the corporate and facility (hospital) quality teams. The introduction of technology allows the project teams to self-serve their needs, whilst also making it easier for the corporate and facility quality teams to remotely coach the teams that need it.


In order to provide hospital and other facility leaders with accurate and timely improvement data, the use of Life QI across HMC has been focused on establishing local portfolios and analytics dashboards for each facility. These portfolios are run by the quality teams at each facility, with real-time project progress data provided to facility leaders to inform timely operational decision making.


Engaging and training staff

With the structure and setup already in place, we visited HMC to support the corporate quality team in engaging key stakeholders and delivering training.


We met with the hospital CEOs to plan how they and their Exec teams will use the reporting data that will flow from Life QI, and what their responsibilities are locally for empowering their staff to work on improvement projects.


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Several sessions were run with Quality Leads from the facilities, educating them in how to introduce Life QI to their project teams and how to coach them in using it. The Quality Leads are vital to the spread and uptake of improvement projects and Life QI, so great focus is being placed on ensuring this group rapidly become the local super users (Life QI Gurus as we call them).


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HMC’s Quality Management Education Program (QMEP) is a well-established training programme run in conjunction with the Joint Commission International. This training programme develops the next generation of quality improvers from across the organisation. So, it is vital that they are introduced to Life QI early in their improvement journey. We joined the QMEP training week to deliver introductory training to the cohort of 185 staff.


Continuing the rollout

HMC have made a successful start to their use of Life QI with several hundred staff now setup and regularly using the platform to run a wide-range of improvement projects. But the work is not done yet, we will be visiting HMC several times over the coming year to continue their Life QI training programme. During each visit we will deliver a mixture of training sessions to meet the needs of the staff who require either introductory or follow-on training. In addition to on-site training sessions, monthly training webinars are being run on a rolling schedule.


As an internationally recognised centre for healthcare excellence, HMC are implementing the necessary measures to remain on at the top of their game and continually strive to output the best possible care – we are delighted to be part of that journey.



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