Leadership for Quality Improvement

Why is Leadership in Quality Improvement Important?

QI is gaining recognition as a beneficial approach to achieving effective patient care. With many types of leadership styles evident within healthcare, one point seems clear: great leadership produces great teams with lower stress levels and higher quality patient care. Read on to find out why and how healthcare leaders should embrace quality improvement.

What leadership behaviors support continuous improvement?

A sustainable culture of quality relies on commitment from leaders, and in this article we talk you through some of the behaviours and techniques that leaders are using to improve patient care and embed QI in their organisations - we also look at behaviours to avoid! By implementing leadership strategies aligned with QI, leaders can be confident that they will deliver enhanced patient care.

How do I get started in Quality Improvement?

Although the prospect of introducing change and a new culture into your organisation might seem daunting, there is plenty of support you can access. If you are thinking about implementing Quality Improvement (QI) within your organisation, we’ve gathered together some hints and tips that might be useful before you get started, and that will give you some guidance on bringing about transformational change.

What stage of the improvement journey am I?

There are several stages of the improvement journey if you are a leader looking to introduce organisation-wide improvement. In this piece, we give you some ideas of what to expect and what the stages in your journey might look like as you embed quality improvement. The path to improved patient outcomes and experience may not always be an easy one, but the benefits – improving practices, pathways, services, treatment and care – are worth it!

What are inspirational leaders saying about QI?

We’ve put together some quotes from leaders who have inspired us in Quality Improvement and share examples of their experiences and thoughts on embedding culture change within healthcare organisations.

Can leaders change organisational culture?

Studies have shown that leaders can help inspire culture shifts within organisations, with good leadership being linked to positive patient safety outcomes. In this article we’re looking at how leaders and learning organisations can help people get closer to transformational change, and more specifically, how healthcare leaders can inspire a culture shift within their organisations, with a particular focus on the great work at the Virginia Mason Institute.

How do you train future leaders in QI?

There are lots of tools and training you can access to help support you in your journey as a QI leader. Good leadership goes hand in hand with good patient outcomes and studies have shown that a board’s commitment to QI can be linked to enhanced patient care. We share some training tools and examples of great leadership in quality improvement.