Major upgrade to be launched in the UK

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Published on 20 September 2017 at 16:01

by Jason Williams

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Life QI has been through a major upgrade over the past 9 months and is ready to be released to the UK on 23rd October.

The new look platform has been designed with you in mind. We have taken your comments on board, added some exciting new features, and improved almost every aspect of the existing functionality. All of which combines to deliver a faster more exciting platform for managing your quality improvement work.


Updated design


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Loads of new and updated features


One page for everything you’re working on – the new Start page groups all of things you’re a member of on page so you can quickly access them at any time. You can also pin your favourite projects, programmes, groups, organisations, users and analytics dashboards to create shortcuts to them.


Profile images - Upload a profile image for you, your organisation, and your groups so you stand out from the crowd. Your profile image will appear everywhere your name appears which is more places than ever now, making it easier for your colleagues to see what you're working on.


Improved team working - Groups, Discussions, and profiles are now integral parts of the platform. Create groups to work together on projects and programmes. Start discussions on local issues with colleagues, or the big challenges and involve anyone in the QI community.


PDSA ramping - You can now ramp your PDSA cycles to run sequential iterations of each cycle. This allow you to rapidly and incrementally refine your theory of change.


Easier to capture and aggregate chart data - To aid data collection you can now setup multiple data sources for the same measure, making it easier to collect multiple data sets that can then be aggregated together into a single chart. Formatted dates on charts allow for automated aggregation of multiple sources.


Programme Driver Diagrams and Measures - You can now create programme level driver diagrams and measures, and then flow these down into the programme's projects. As part of this it is now also possible to create templates that are used to build your projects.


More sophisticated and flexible reporting and analytics - Celebrate the successes and identify the areas needing support using powerful analytics dashboards that look across your portfolio of improvement work to provide you the insights you need. You can tailor reports to meet your needs making it easy to deliver the right information to the right people.


Bulk onboarding of new users – getting new users signed up to Life QI is easier than ever. You can create bespoke email invites and manage the sign-up process.


All of which makes for a faster, more exciting platform for managing QI projects!


Launching in October


The new version will be launched in the UK on 23 October.


All UK users and projects will be switched to the new version when it goes live and we will take care of everything.


Until then you continue using the existing version and we will be in touch again nearer the launch to remind you of the launch.

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