March Roundup!

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Published on 31 March 2019 at 12:32

by Kerrie Preston

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 This Month's Features ...

1. Driver Diagram History of Changes - Coming April 2019

Visualising changes made to driver diagrams over time has been a very popular request for some time. In April we will be introducing this feature with a full visual history of driver diagram versions available on all projects.





2. PDSAs No Longer require Change Ideas! - Live Now

There have been a number of recent requests to adapt PDSAs, allowing users to create a PDSA cycle without the need to have a linked change idea. Until now the system had 'Change Ideas' as a required field when creating a PDSA cycle, this is now optional, creating more flexibility, meaning users can run PDSAs without the need for a change idea. 



3. Improvement Timeline - Inc Searching and Filtering - Coming April 2019

Some nice additions are soon to be added to the timeline feature on the projects page. Currently the timeline auto updates when you make changes to the project but as of April you will be able to plan your progress on your project timeline, enabling you to compare your planned progress with your actual progress. Features include predicting progress scores, status updates and a range of other planned activity.


This update will also see timelines become available on programmes.


project timeline-1



4. Timeline Calendar - Coming April 2019

Soon you will be able to access the project timeline in a calendar view which will help you to visualize how active your project is, give you better visibility of the project as a whole and instant access to the changes made to the project. A tracker will be displayed at the top of the calendar to illustrate your project's expected progress vs actual progress.





Featured Post


Quality and Safety


This month we have been exhibiting and meeting up with healthcare professionals at the International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare in Glasgow. Every year the Forum brings together over 3,000 attendees from around 70 countries who take part in sessions that range from the basic disciplines of quality improvement to the latest thinking in how to improve quality and safety.



Interesting Read

Wondering how to get started with your quality improvement project? Read the latest article in The Health Foundation's QI series with BMJ outlining the skills and resources you'll need.






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