March Roundup 2021

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Published on 8 April 2021 at 14:37

by Reka Toth

March Roundup - 02

Running a successful Quality Improvement project

If the events of the last year have taught us anything it is that we can adapt and change quickly when unified around a common aim. As a result of this we are seeing a rise in enthusiasm and engagement for improvement projects. 


So, this month, we show how to start and run a successful QI project to achieve the desired results. We guide you through the best strategies to choose the right improvement project idea and we show you how to create and structure your project aim statement.


You can also find useful tips on how to form your project team and focus in on the type of experts you will need for a successful project. And finally, we talk you through methods for data collection and look at the ways data can help support so many aspects of your QI projects.



Selecting the right QI project


Selecting the right quality improvement project idea

When you are starting out on your quality improvement journey, one of the first things you will need to consider is identifying the problem you want to solve and the criteria for your project. Read more. 
How to define the aim statement


How to define the aim statement for your quality improvement project

Your aim statement is an excellent way to help you to identify and share your quality improvement goals with clinical and leadership teams. In this article, we look at how to create and structure your QI project aim statement. Read more. 
How to assemble your team for a QI project


How to assemble your team for a successful improvement project

Improvement work is usually coordinated via a QI team, so choosing the right improvement team is crucial. In this article, we'll show you some hints and tips to help guide you through this process. Read more. 
Collecting data to improve quality


Collecting data to improve quality

You should use various data to monitor how your QI project is performing and to measure the quality of care. With judicious preparation, systems and tools, you will be all set to collect data you need for your project. Read more. 

Interesting Read


IHI QI toolkitChoose the Right QI Tool for Healthcare or Daily Life

Your Quality Improvement team needs multiple tools to fix different problems. The IHI prepared a useful toolkit for improvers and in this article they explain how to use each QI tool, and give examples for when to use them. 





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