March Roundup 2022

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Published on 1 April 2022 at 09:35

by Reka Toth

March Roundup 2022

A QI system to help improve healthcare in Integrated Care Systems

Establishing better connections between NHS trusts, primary care providers, local councils, and other important strategic partners through Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) offers the possibility to bring experts from the different organisations together and optimise the improvement work. But it also comes with some significant challenges.


This month we saw how these challenges can be addressed by establishing robust and accessible QI infrastructure, and specifically, how Life QI can be used as a QI system to facilitate, run and track quality improvement work.



implementing qi system ics


Implementing a QI system for an ICS

Initiating QI within your own organisation is one challenge but coordinating that across an ICS adds additional complexity that shouldn't be overlooked. To deliver the desired improvements across the population health there needs to be a joined-up strategy and a common QI system. Read more. 
Life QI for ICS


Using Life QI to track improvement work across an ICS

Life QI is a proven solution for driving improvement at scale. See how you can use it for cross-organisation collaboration on projects, sharing of ideas and results, and coordination of programmes of your improvement work. Read more. 

Interesting Read

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Fixing the Foundations: Top Safety Actions for 2022

In their recent article, the IHI suggest to take time now to identify and fortify the foundations of safe, person-centered, and equitable care through addressing recent setbacks and new challenges, and strengthening the resilience of our systems. Read more. 



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