May Roundup!

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Published on 30 May 2019 at 17:07

by Kerrie Preston

May Roundup - 01

 This Month's Updates ...

This summer the development team are working on a variety of exciting new features and refreshing some of the current functionality. A system is never complete, as times change and the desire for new ways of working flourish, we continue to advance Life QI to ensure it continues to be user friendly and has the tools available to help support and achieve fantastic improvement work. 


Over the summer we will be working on:

1. Edit fields with ease

Recent feedback has prompted us to begin development on revising the way users can edit fields in the platform. Currently you have to be in 'Edit Mode' by clicking the 'Edit' button in order to change text in any field throughout the platform. Upcoming developments will smooth out this process and remove the 'Edit' button altogether. You will be able to click in any text field across the platform, amend the text and when you are ready there will be a prompt with a 'Save' button asking you to save all the changes you have made. This prompt will count the number of changes you have made and ask you to confirm that you would like to save all changes.


  Edit Fields Life QI


This is a substantial modification to the platform and is currently in test phase. Detailed information about this update will be communicated over the coming months.


2. Workflow Addition - More control to role select lists 

Admins of workflows will be aware that the Life QI system at present only allows for free-text search to be applied. The extra control to role lists will ensure that admins can restrict the options to only the groups that represent their department, directorates or any other roles they use to categorise their projects.


Note: Workflows are an add-on so not all users will have access to this function.


3. Charting

Exciting progress is being made on enhancing our chart selection. As we rebuild the measurement area of the Life QI system new charts will be added with Pie Charts and Pareto Charts being thrown into the mix!


QI Pareto Chart


Featured Posts

ELFT Quality Improvement Guide

ELFT Quality Improvement Guide

We are elated to be featured in this fantastic Quality Improvement Guide developed by East London NHS Foundation Trust. This well thought out interactive picture book is fun, interesting and extremely helpful to anyone working in QI. It takes you on a journey from 'What is QI?' through to improving the health of populations using Triple Aim. Take a look to see if there are any hints and tips that you can implement into your organisation. Check out the QI Guide here.



ELFT Event - Excel, London

Quality Improvement Event Excel London

On Tuesday 14 May we joined over 400 healthcare staff, service users, carers, governors and external guests at the fifth ELFT Quality Conference. We were delighted to exhibit at this event catching up with existing Life QI users and introducing the platform to new quality improvers! 



Interesting Read - The Improvement Journey

The Health Foundation Article - The Improvement Journey

The Health Foundation have recently published a learning report on organisation-wide improvement in health care. The report explains why improvement in health care matters, and how to get started in your organisation. Take a look here.



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