May Roundup 2021

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Published on 3 June 2021 at 12:49

by Reka Toth

May Roundup 2021

The importance of coaching in Quality Improvement

Introductory QI training is essential to learn the principles and methodologies of quality improvement. But sometimes training alone is not enough when trying to apply the learning to real-world problems. QI coaching is an important method to provide ongoing support to help healthcare staff and teams to apply QI approaches in their work.


This month we focus on coaching for quality improvement. We explain the role of a QI coach in a healthcare organisation, we show how to choose a QI coach for your improvement team and what characteristics and skills you need to become one.


Even if QI coaching usually takes place in a team environment, coaching individuals can also be really effective. So we look at how to coach individuals in QI, and various methods and ideas that may help you.



Role of QI Coach


The role of a QI coach

Beyond the more formal QI training sessions, organisations also need to consider the benefits of coaching. Ongoing support from a QI coach, helps to re-enforce and deepen learning and the application of skills. Read more. 
How to become a QI coach


How to become a QI coach

Maybe you’ve been involved in a QI project and really enjoyed it and now you're thinking about becoming a QI coach. The skills you need to demonstrate are many, but we explain how you can build both the technical and the interpersonal skills. Read more. 
Coaching Individuals


Coaching individuals

People learn skills at a different rate and some skills take longer to learn, so one of the tasks of a QI coach is to work out how much to teach each person to apply these skills at their own pace while building up confidence. Read more. 



International Forum on Quality and Safety


International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare - Europe 2021

This year the International Forum (9-11 June) provides a unique opportunity to learn more about wellbeing of the healthcare staff, equity, patient partnerships and the future of quality improvement in this new reality. Read more. 


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