New Learning Centre is live with over 100 helpful articles!

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Published on 15 December 2016 at 08:32

by Jason Williams

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Check out the brand new design for the public facing Life QI website! The new look site now includes a Learning Centre and a dedicated News area. All of which have been designed to provide you with more information about the Life system and how to use it.

What is the Learning Centre?

The Life QI Learning Centre is a comprehensive resource to support you using the Life QI system. The centre covers everything from how to change your password right through how to choose the right chart for your data.


Over time it will also offer a host of more general QI advice and information generated by experts in the Life QI community.



How can you benefit from it?

If you ever experience a problem with the system or aren't sure how to use a certain area, you can simply go to the Learning Centre. Links to key pages in the Learning Centre have been added to the system to help take you straight to the information you need.

We hope that this will be a quick and effective way of answering any questions or queries that you have when using the system.



How do you navigate the Learning Centre?

The landing page of the Learning Centre starts with a simple three-step introduction to creating an account and getting started on the system.

Scrolling down the page, you move through the Learning Centre's most popular articles until you reach the Structured Learning section where you can explore articles specific to an area of the Life system.



How do you use the Structured Learning section?

As well as being the best way for someone completely unfamiliar with Life QI to learn about the system, it is also an easy way to find questions that you have about specific areas of the system.


The tiles composing the Structured Learning section are laid out in the same way as the Life system. This makes the section simple navigate and also creates an easy-to-follow guide for new users learning to use the system for the first time.


When you open the different areas of the Structured Learning section, you will notice that each of them is laid out in the same format: the top of the page contains three Getting Started articles which will explain the basics of what the feature is and how to use it, and the bottom of the page contains Further Learning articles dedicated to answering more detailed questions specific to that feature.




What if you can't find what you're looking for?

Please contact and the Life Team will answer any questions that you have.


We would also love to hear your feedback so that we can improve the system in the future, so be sure to send us an email to letting us know any suggestions that you may have.


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