New in-app product tours available in Life QI

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Published on 6 October 2021 at 08:43

by Reka Toth

Onboarding feature launch - 01

We know that learning new software can seem daunting to some people (whereas others will be at home with it straight away!). Learning to navigate the system and find out how to do things can take a lot of time and can lead to the abandonment of the software if the user doesn’t see a value quickly in it.

This is what motivated us revolutionise the onboarding process in Life QI. Our new guided tours - available only for UK, US and Australian users at the moment - reduce the learning time, so users can get on with improving healthcare quicker.


Useful tooltips for quicker onboarding

We know how it can be frustrating going back and forth between the manuals of the Help Centre and the Life QI platform to apply the steps learnt from the guide. So, what if we told you that you don’t have to leave the software anymore to learn how it works? That you could be guided in Life QI real-time…

The new Life QI product tours are a walkthrough of the software and aim to help users to learn its functions and how best to use it. These guides and tool tips get users off to the best start with Life QI and provide a streamlined approach that doesn't require upfront training from colleagues. This approach will enable new users to familiarise themselves with the system and provide a great experience to get them going with their QI work!



product tour tooltip

Example: A blue tooltip shows the user how to find their Start page.


The tours available now will guide new users through:


  1. Learning basic navigation.
  2. Understanding the key features and benefits.
  3. Starting your first project.
  4. Populating your project once first created.




Example: Tooltip appears in a newly created project to guide you through the next steps



Through our new product tours, you can get onboarded and discover Life QI quickly and easily, so you can focus on planning and executing improvements, not learning software!



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