November Roundup 2020

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Published on 10 December 2020 at 08:43

by Reka Toth

November Roundup blog

Organisation-wide improvement and QI readiness

Consistent improvement in healthcare is a prerequisite of effective patient safety, but for an organisation to successfully carry out its improvement journey in healthcare requires preparation, thought and vision.
This month we’ve created some helpful articles about the improvement journey, and we’d like to share them with you.


Organisation-wide improvement in healthcare


The importance of organisation-wide improvement in healthcare 

Organisation-wide improvement in health care is an important element of the provision of patient safety. Organisations now need to provide strategies to create the infrastructure to give high quality care. See why organisation-wide improvement is important in healthcare. 
QI readiness


QI Readiness - How do you know you are ready for Quality Improvement? 

With Quality improvement (QI) rightly being a key focus in health care today, how do you know when you and your organisation are ready for a real transformational change? See how to identify your QI readiness
Board support for improvement


Board support for the improvement journey 

If you want to be successful in embedding transformational change within your organisation, securing board support for your improvement journey is absolutely crucial. Read more about how you can secure board support. 

Interesting Read



opportunities presented by covid-19 (1)

Division, Cooperation, and the Opportunity Presented by COVID-19

IHI President Emeritus Don Berwick shares his view about healthcare's role in addressing deep divisions amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the key opportunities for improvement.





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