October Roundup 2020

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Published on 11 November 2020 at 13:39

by Mike Luckie

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Multi-Agency Working and Population Health

Population health is rightly front and centre of the healthcare and quality space, as people are evolving how best to improve patient outcomes. Multi-agency working can make a unique contribution to healthcare services and can help to manage population health to support better patient outcomes.
This month we’ve created some helpful articles about multi-agency working, and we’d like to share them with you.



Enabling_multi-agency_working_-_01How working across organisations can help support population health

Addressing ‘population health’ has been propelled into the consciousness of not just health and social care providers, but also the general public this year.  Read more about supporting population health.




Useful_resources_-_01Useful resources for population health 

Population health is rightly front and centre of a lot of healthcare activities at the moment, to assist in your quest to address this challenge, we have compiled a number of fantastic resources from thought leaders in the sector.

Interesting Read



Industry Voices

3 lessons high-reliability organisations can teach us during the COVID-19 pandemic

Healthcare leaders around the world have been sharing important lessons about their COVID-19 response.





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