Our 2019 Improvement Priorities

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Published on 17 January 2019 at 17:39

by Jason Williams

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Now that the festivities are behind us and everyone has settled back into work, at Life QI we have been reflecting on 2018 and laying out the areas we want to place a major focus on during 2019. As well as building software to assist healthcare organisations consistently apply the principles of improvement science, we strive to apply those same principles internally too. It would be silly not to!


For 2019 we’ve chosen to focus on three key areas for improvement and have decided to share them with you. We’d love to hear your thoughts and also your priorities, so do get in touch.


Our 2019 improvement priorities are …


Getting to I love it

Whether you are new to Life QI or looking to master a new feature, being able to access guidance and training is crucial to the time it takes to realise value from Life QI and its features. To help users get up to speed quickly this year we will have a major focus on providing even greater help docs and a wider range of training options. All of which should result in our users getting to their “I love it” moment quicker.


This will include in-system changes to make the tool-tips icons easier to spot, more learning articles, and more training services, amongst other things. The first big change in this area will be some new training videos (due Spring 2019) - look out for a more detailed announcement soon!


Ease of use

The Life QI user community are always asking for new features (it’s fantastic to have such an engaged user community) so we are constantly working on expanding the scope of Life QI. However, the mark of a great system isn’t how many features it has, but how easy those features are to use. As we enter the fifth year of Life QI’s evolution it has more features than ever and we have a packed roadmap with more to come. The priority for us is ensuring the intuitive nature of the system is pushed as far as possible, especially as we expand the feature set.


We released a range of ease-of-use changes towards the end of last year, this year we will be bringing the same attention to existing features like Programmes, Reports and Analytics, as well as every new feature that we introduce.


Joy in work

This year we will be placing a renewed focus on joy in work. This will take many forms, from more varieties of coffee and office plants, healthy eating with the introduction of weekly fruit, to how we run our one-to-one meetings, and crucially how we work together as a collective to remove barriers to joy and progress.


We can't wait to read your joy at work stories over the coming months and seek out lessons learnt to see if we can apply any to our organisation!


Look out for updates on these priorities as the year progresses. In the meantime, we’d love to know what your priorities are for the year. If you’re happy to share, drop us a note at info@lifeqisystem.com.



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