Using Life QI as part of your QI training

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Published on 24 October 2016 at 08:12

by Jason Williams

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Last week the Life Team visited London to see how the Life QI system is being integrated with quality improvement (QI) training in East London.

East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) ran a three day action packed workshop in Leyton as part of their sixth wave of Improvement Science in Action (ISIA).Find out more about ISIA and QI training over on QI ELFT's website



Training with QI ELFT

Over the course of the three days, teams used the system to both learn and practice how to use key elements of the Model For Improvement methodology. These elements include: setting up a project, refining project aims, using driver diagrams, prioritising change ideas, measuring improvement, testing changes through the Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycle, and monitoring progress through charts.


You can find great QI resources, events and tools over on the QI ELFT website


The final day was rounded off with the Paper Airplane Factory Production Exercise. This proved to be both a fun and insightful way for teams to understand the importance of PDSA cycles, team work and communication.Make sure that you also follow the ELFT team over on Twitter



Why use Life QI in your training

Using the system as a training tool is essential for ensuring that users are able to make the most out of the platform.


Whilst most users quickly learn how to start a new project, many still struggle to get to grips with the methodology that the system is based on and are thus unable to fully utilise features specific to it (for example, driver diagrams, PDSA cycles and SPC charts.)


Moreover, users aren't always aware of key additional benefits, including the ability to upload and view summarised reports of past projects, using the Life user directory to contact QI experts, and holding both public and private QI discussions.


We'd love to hear how you are integrating Life into your QI training, so please let us know how you're doing it by emailing The Life QI Team at ''



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