April Roundup 2022

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Published on 6 May 2022 at 11:20

by Reka Toth

Apr Roundup 2022

New Resources at Life QI

We're excited to introduce some of our new resources available on our website. This month we put together a useful cheatsheet for improvers who want to extend a successful improvement project across their organisation or scale it up to help them to choose the right direction and give them a useful checklist of what to consider.


We also launched two new pages for those who want to learn more about quality improvement or those who want to get some practical help for their day to day work. Check out our Improvement Hub and Improvement Resources pages for more information.


In April we introduced a new series of blogs talking about Quality Improvement (QI) heroes – those who have inspired people and thinking and set the tone for the amazing quality and improvement science work that goes on today. In the next months we’ll be looking at the people behind improvement science and those individuals who have heavily influenced QI over the years. In the first article, we had a look at Walter A Shewhart - known as the ‘father of statistical process control’.



Spread and scale cheatsheet


Spread and Scale Cheatsheet

Spreading or scaling up and improvement work successfully requires a well-rounded plan. Our cheatsheet will enable you to decide whether you're ready to spread or scale the improvement and what you need to consider in both cases. Read more. 
Improvement Resources


New Improvement Hub and Improvement Resources by Life QI

We are excited to introduce some fantastic resources. Checkout our new Improvement Hub to learn more about quality improvement and our Improvement Resources area which includes eBooks, templates, cheatsheets and much more to help with your improvement work.
Walter A. Shewhart


Improvement Hero: Walter A. Shewhart

Walter Shewhart (1891 - 1967), known by all as the 'father of statistical process control', became famous, not only for being the master of Deming, but especially for his contributions in the field of statistics and for having developed the theory of common and special causes of variations. Read more. 

Interesting Read

patient safety challenges IHI




Understanding Patient Safety Challenges, Bright Spots to Prepare for What Comes Next

In a recent IHI article, Arjun Srinivasan, MD, CAPT USPHS is talking about what has been lost of healthcare quality because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and explains how we can learn from the best aspects of the pandemic response. Read more. 



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