February Roundup 2021

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Published on 3 March 2021 at 14:14

by Reka Toth

February Roundup - 02

Staff engagement, collaborative working and QI training in healthcare

Staff engagement and collaborative working in healthcare can really make a positive difference to patient outcomes. Good communication plays a big part in the success of a QI project by fostering teamwork and helping build an empowered team, just like the training for QI which also plays a vital role in this process.


So, this month, we show how training can help you get your team on board, engaged and motivated for their QI journeys. We illustrate some proven learning methods you can choose from to embed ideas and integrate learning as part of the QI approach.


And finally - if you want to improve on the long-term, you have to develop a continuous improvement culture so that you can continue to build your skills and those of your team.



Collaborative working in healthcare


Collaborative working and communication in healthcare

Collaboration and communication are really important in healthcare, and in this article, we look at why teamwork is so important in successful QI projects. Read more. 
Reward and recognition


Reward and recognition as motivators in healthcare

Recognising and rewarding team members for their participation, hard work and going ‘above and beyond' can be a powerful motivating factor. See how you can use it in healthcare.  Read more. 
How training for QI plays part in building engagement - 01


How QI training plays part in building engagement

Training for Quality Improvement might seem like a daunting task, but there are different methods and  tools you can use for shared learning and to get your team engaged and motivated.  Read more. 
Creating a culture of continuous improvement


Creating a culture of continuous improvement

Building a culture of improvement requires consistency and dedication, but provides great rewards, including a range of improved patient safety and quality outcomes. Read more. 
Recognition - Staff Motivation


How to motivate staff for quality improvement

There is a wide range of tools and methods, such as intrinsic motivation, purpose, autonomy and mastery, all of which will help motivate colleagues to improve. Read more. 

Interesting Read


IHI model for improvementUsing the Model for Improvement to Improve Health, Well-Being, and Equity

The IHI uses the 'Model for Improvement' framework for their recommended approach to improve well-being and to achieve the Triple Aim (improved health, improved experience of care, at lower per capita costs). Read more.





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