Improvement Collaboratives

What is an Improvement Collaborative?

An improvement collaborative brings together groups of healthcare professionals from different organisations to work in a structured way to improve an area of quality. Find out how an Improvement Collaborative provides an immediate framework and structure and enables changes to be made and how they can play a major role in spreading best practice and supporting Quality Improvement quickly to improve performance.

What is a Breakthrough Series collaborative?

In this article we look at the Breakthrough Series Collaborative model which was developed in the mid-1990s by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), and that has been supporting improvements in health care quality ever since. We explore how Breakthrough Series collaboratives differ from other learning collaboratives, and how hospitals and other settings use short-term learning systems to bring about transformational change and improvement.

How do I run a QI Collaborative?

Running a QI Collaborative can seem like a daunting task, but in this article we set out learning and experience from QI collaboratives who have been successful in bringing about transformational change and improvement within their organisations. We also explore a number of ideas about how to a prepare for a successful improvement collaborative in order to encourage patient safety and quality improvement.

10 Common Barriers to Collaboration in Healthcare

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the ten common barriers to collaboration that you may face when you are setting up your QI Collaborative. We have created a list of potential barriers – and ways to get around them - so that you can be prepared for any eventuality in your journey to quality improvement and transformational change! Read on to learn more from other peoples’ experiences.

How to engage leaders, stakeholders, and partners in improvement collaboratives

Engaging with leaders, stakeholders and partners in your Improvement Collaborative is absolutely vital to its success. In this article, we look at how quality improvement needs to be embraced and advocated by leaders if it is truly going to make changes and be embedded within a healthcare organisation. We also explore what you will need to think about and how you are going to engage with your team once you start your QI process.

10 Top tips to consider when starting a Healthcare collaborative

Starting a healthcare collaborative can be daunting! We’ve put together ten top tips that – from our experience - we think you should consider before starting a Healthcare Collaborative. From having clear objectives, to getting your board on side and carrying out clear communications, we hope these top tips will help prepare you for your QI collaborative journey!

How to run a virtual collaborative

Talking with the improvement community, it is evident that coronavirus is changing the way that improvement is carried out in a number of ways. In this article we look at how the pandemic is changing the way we are approaching Quality Improvement (QI) Collaboratives and how it is making patient safety transformation more agile. We talk about how QI teams are well used to accelerating change by engaging in rapid-cycle testing, and we explore lessons learned from across the community.