January Roundup 2021

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Published on 1 February 2021 at 14:56

by Reka Toth

January Roundup 2021

Staff engagement, QI during the pandemic, and Life QI dashboards

Staff engagement has shown to be a key factor in the success of quality improvement techniques. A growing number of organisations are increasing staff involvement for a sustainable approach to QI. This month we looked at the impact of staff engagement in QI and how patient care can be enhanced by engaging healthcare staff in improvement.


Also featured this month is an article showcasing the themes of improvement work undertaken by the Life QI community during the pandemic. Check out the article to learn about the overall themes as well as a few specific examples from successful projects.


And finally - we have just released a series of articles outlining how analytics dashboards can be used to power your QI governance. Dive into the articles for some great tips and videos!



Staff Engagement in QI


Staff engagement in QI: benefits and impact on the quality of care

Engaged, motivated and empowered staff provide better outcomes – not only better outcomes for patients - but also other benefits that can be felt across the healthcare continuum.  Read more. 
Leadership Skills for Engaging Staff in QI


Leadership skills for engaging staff in quality improvement

Today, successful healthcare leaders must have the necessary skills for staff engagement to improve quality and to achieve transformation in their organisation.  Read more. 
Improvement themes during the Covid-19 pandemic


Improvement themes during the pandemic

Even during these difficult times, we have seen fantastic examples of collaboration and Covid focused improvement work across the Life QI community. Read more. 
Utilising Dashboards


Utilising Dashboards in Life QI

Customised analytics dashboards in Life QI provide a powerful and a methodical way to analyse and organisation’s improvement work and help to understand its impact. Discover the different levels of dashboards to allow monitoring at the required levels. Read more. 

Interesting Read


kings fund articleRecovery and then renewal: the innovation imperative for health and care

How can the health and care system support staff to recover from the Covid-19 crisis? The King's Fund discuss the building blocks for recovery and how the system then moves to renewal. Read more.





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