June Roundup!

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Published on 1 July 2019 at 15:40

by Kerrie Preston

June Roundup - 01

 This Month's Updates ...

New developments to the platform are underway and we have some nice surprises this month! 


1. Edit Fields with Ease - Coming this Month!

We mentioned last month that we will be working on the Edit fields and guess what, they are being delivered earlier than expected! Previously to be in 'Edit Mode' you had to click the 'Edit' button in order to change text in any field throughout the platform. The 'Edit' button will be no more! You will be able to click in any text field across the platform, amend the text and when you are ready you will be prompted with a 'Save' button to save all the changes you have made. This prompt counts the number of changes you have made and asks you to confirm that you would like to save all changes.

 Edit Mode Life QI


2. Translation - Live Now

If English is not your first language then this new feature is definitely going to transform the usability of the platform for you and your colleagues. Take advantage of our phase one rollout of the new translation command in the Life QI platform which lets users translate certain areas of the platform, including navigation, field labels and buttons. Please bear with us as this functionality is still in Beta and requires ongoing development.



Translation Life QI



3. Driver Diagram Text Colour - Live Now

A simple but much requested change now features on the Driver Diagram's page. Previously the default text colour was white, depending on the background colour this could be a little tricky to read. Users now have the option to change text to black to increase visibility.


Driver Diagram Life QI


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