May Roundup 2020

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Published on 3 June 2020 at 15:51

by Kerrie Preston

May Roundup 2020 - 01

Exciting new updates on the Life QI v3 Release



v3 Rollout Process 

We are now weeks away from beginning the release of the most significant upgrade Life QI has ever gone through. The upcoming release will see some areas of the platform re-imagined as well as the introduction of new functionality. Life QI v3 will come with unprecedented levels of flexibility allowing customers to customise the platform just the way they want it.


Read more about how the rollout process will work.  


Life QI v3 Release



 Life QI updates fast approaching - checkout these new features ...


Capture Improvement Ideas

Idea demo 1Life QI v3 will see the introduction of Ideas. A space to capture, share and develop your improvement ideas before they are taken forward as projects. This is an exciting development that expands the functionality to provide a more complete healthcare improvement solution.

Watch a video of the new functionality here. 



Task Lists

Tasks Lists blogTask lists have been introduced as a core feature to Life QI. Users have flexibility to list out QI tasks, these could be instructions, checklists, timelines.


This video shows how you can create task lists






Life QI blogs



Labs - Blog

Labs Blog

Continue to stay up-to-date with the excellent new features coming in Life QI v3. Images & videos of the new system can be found here in our Labs blog. 





LifeQI - Blog

Life QI Blog

Subscribe and stay in touch with Life QI updates, news, case studies and more through our Life QI blog.






Learn - Blog - 01

Learn Blog

Checkout some great quality improvement resources and material on the Life QI Learn blog.   









Interesting Read


IHI Joy in WorkIHI - Using Joy in Work to Improve Staff Wellbeing During Times of Crisis - By Amar Shah

With health care staff in harm’s way and many health care systems in command and control mode, one might reasonably think that joy in work is irrelevant, but there is no more important time to address it. Read more.





Case studies!

If you have any success stories or would be interested in doing a mini case study with us, we would love to hear from you. Click here to drop us an email.



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