October Roundup!

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Published on 31 October 2019 at 13:59

by Kerrie Preston

Life QI - October Roundup

 This Month's Updates ...


New Training Videos

As we begin to expand our Life QI learning center over the coming months, we will be adding more training videos to our learn portfolio. With user feedback in mind we are producing a number of bite size videos to help guide users through the Life QI system. Below are some examples of the Getting Started with Life QI videos. 


We love feedback, so if you would like to tell us your thoughts you will be able to do so on each of the below articles by clicking on the feedback popup. 


Life QI - Start a New QI Project

Start a New Project

Create your first QI project with a little help from the Life QI team. 

Watch here ...



Life QI - Creating a Driver DiagramCreate a Driver Diagram

Not sure on how to produce a Driver Diagram? No problem.

Watch here ...



Life QI - Creating a PDSA Ramp

Create a New PDSA Cycle

Still stumbling over creating a PDSA Cycle? Take a minute and learn.

Watch here ...



Life QI - Creating a Chart

Creating a Chart

Charting can be daunting, follow this video to put yourself at ease. 



Life QI - Creating a MeasureCreating a Measure:

Looking to increase your confidence in creating a measure? 

Watch here ... 



For more Information on Life QI training guides, click here.



Featured Post


Life QI - How QI can support your organisations regulatory complianceHow QI can support your organization's regulatory compliance

This article presents our insights into how a continuously changing political environment, meeting the needs of multiple regulators can be a struggle. Many organizations are looking to make this process more efficient for staff at every level.

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Interesting Read


BMJ - How to improve healthcare improvement—an essay by Mary Dixon-Woods

How to improve healthcare improvement — an essay by Mary Dixon-Woods

As improvement practice and research begin to come of age, Mary Dixon-Woods (from THIS Institute, Cambridge, UK) considers the key areas that need attention if we are to reap their benefits.

See how to improve healthcare improvement Arrow - 03




Case studies!

If you have any success stories or would be interested in doing a mini case study with us, we would love to hear from you. Click here to drop us an email.




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