Spread and Scale Improvement

Spread and scale – what’s the difference

We define and look at the difference between ‘spread’ and ‘scaling up’ in terms of your QI project, while delving into the details of how you choose which approach to take. We explore how you can spread and scale up large-scale quality improvement, and how this kind of improvement can be achievable with the right amount of planning, commitment and support.

Frameworks for scale-up, spread and sustain

In this article we look at the spread and sustainability of quality improvement in healthcare and in your QI journey. You may be ready to scale up, spread and sustain your QI project – so we explore various frameworks you can use, such as the IHI Framework for Spread and its Scale Up Framework, the Healthcare Improvement Scotland spread and sustainability framework and the Mayo Clinic model of diffusion.

How to develop and execute a spread plan

If you’ve already assessed and agreed that your QI project is ready to spread, it’s time to develop your Spread Plan! In this piece we look at various frameworks and methods to establish a great aim and a spread plan and set out some ideas for implementing these changes, including highlighting ways to enable and encourage people on the ground to make adjustments when necessary.

Types of spread in quality improvement - diffusion and dissemination

In this piece we look at the types of spread in Quality Improvement (QI) – diffusion and dissemination and examine when you can use them to bring about an organisation-wide approach to improvement. We delve into these different methods, and explore which method you should use for your particular project.

7 Spreadly Sins - What not to do when spreading improvement

In this piece, we examine the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s classic ‘7 Spreadly Sins’ thinking, which they created to establish what not to do when spreading quality improvement! As well as exploring the ‘nots’ we also suggest effective methods you can use to spread your Quality Improvement (QI) ideas across your organisation.

How to measure scale and spread

In this piece, we look at the various types of methods you can use to measure impact, spread and scale within Quality Improvement (QI) and explore frameworks and systems for doing just this. We also look in more detail about how to use, develop and set up measurement systems to help you measure spread and impact.

Key factors in sustainability

We look at the challenges, conditions and the key factors for sustainability in Quality Improvement (QI) and how sustaining continuous QI can often be a carefully orchestrated balance of conditions. We also look at the importance of anticipating and meeting challenges to sustainability head on, in order to improve the chances of sustaining improvement.