December Roundup!

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Published on 8 January 2020 at 17:44

by Kerrie Preston

Life QI - December Roundup


IHI National Forum

Ending 2019 at the IHI National Forum in Orlando was a great way to catch up with customers, colleagues and meet new faces. With the importance of Quality Improvement more prominent than ever in healthcare, it was great to learn about the new ideas and initiatives that organisations are adopting on their improvement journeys.    


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Major updates coming soon

We have some super exciting news. Life QI is going through an extensive upgrade and will be updated with improved functionality and a range of new features on 15th June 2020. We will share more details as we near the release date but in the meantime, here is a heads up on what's coming ...


The upgrades and new features will include:


  • Major SPC chart upgrade - loads of configuration options so you can style your charts as you like them, plus goal lines, easier data entry, small multiples and more export options.
  • Driver Diagram upgrade - a new fresh look, easier to design and re-order and improved exports.
  • *New* Whiteboards - introducing a new module separate to Projects that will give you the freedom to use the QI tools you want without having to run a project - super flexible and super easy to use.
  • *New* Pareto charts - we are pleased to introduce the first of a range of new tools, the first of which will be Pareto charts!  It is one of the most commonly requested tools not currently available in Life QI, so we have decided to change that.
  • *New* Tasks - we are rolling out tasks so they can be used outside of PDSA cycles. You will be able to create tasks for project planning and delivery and group them into phases - helping you organise your project and stay on track.
  • *New* Comments with mentions - all the Discussions areas are being revamped as comments threads and will come with the ability to @mention people and teams as well as include emojis.
  • No more edit! - we are removing the Edit buttons that appear on all pages and instead you will be able to simply click on a field to start editing it. Say goodbye edit buttons and hello to a slicker editing experience!

Look out for more information on these exciting updates soon ...


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