December Roundup 2020

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Published on 7 January 2021 at 13:50

by Reka Toth

December 2020 - Roundup

Developing improvement skills, aligning activities and sustaining an organisation-wide approach to QI

An organisational approach to QI is proving ever more important in healthcare today. This approach aims to embed a culture of continuous improvement and learning across the organisation to achieve sustained improvements in the quality and experience of care.


This month we show you how an improvement vision shared by every level of the organisation can help you gain traction and show a lasting impact.



Improvement culture


Improvement culture - securing wider organisational buy-in 

Identifying other potential QI enthusiasts who you can share your vision with, in the early stages, can really help you start to embed QI and introduce organisation-wide improvement. Read more. 
developing improvement skills


Developing improvement skills and infrastructure

Continuous development of specialist improvement skills within teams across the organisation is vital, as is a systematic approach to building improvement capability. Read more. 
Monitor quality improvement


How to align activities and monitor quality improvement

Once you have a vision, a team that is on board, and a solid infrastructure, you need to start aligning and coordinating activity across your improvement programme. Read more. 
Sustain organisation-wide approach to quality improvement


Sustaining an organisation-wide approach to quality improvement

Once you achieved an organisation-wide approach to QI, it's really important to maintain the momentum and sustain this approach across your organisation. Read more. 

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