Improvement Heroes

Walter A. Shewhart: The father of Statistical Process Control

In this blog we’re going to look at Walter A Shewhart - known as the ‘father of statistical quality control’. We’ll be exploring the legacy that this Quality Improvement (QI) hero left and how he has inspired people and influenced thinking QI over the years. As the creator of Statistical Process Control and the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) his ground-breaking work has helped shape the methodologies and thinking that we use today in QI and in this first article, we find out about his life, his work and his Quality Improvement legacy.

William Edwards Deming: The master of continual improvement of quality

As part of our ‘Quality Improvement (QI) heroes’ series, in this article we’re going to focus on William Edwards Deming – more known commonly as W. Edwards Deming – and find out more about how his work and his thinking influenced and inspired QI. We look at the influences and background of this leading management thinker, statistician and business consultant and find out more about the techniques he created which guide Quality Improvement work to this day.

Taiichi Ohno: Hero of the Toyota Production System

In this piece - part of our ‘Quality Improvement heroes’ series - we’ll be finding out more about Taiichi Ohno, the creator of the Toyota Production System. His work has hugely influenced improvement science over the years and fed into the Quality Improvement movement, inspiring the Quality work that goes on to this day.

Bill Smith: The Motorola Engineer who invented Six Sigma

In this article we are going to look at Bill Smith, another Quality Improvement (QI) hero – and sometimes known as the ‘father of Six Sigma’ We’ll be finding out more about his theories and how - having spent 35 years in quality assurance and engineering – he went on to inventing the Six Sigma method while at Motorola, a method used today in Quality Improvement.

Joseph Juran: Founder of many of the key quality management programs

In this article, we are going to look at Joseph Juran’s career in quality management and the ground breaking work he led in quality control. His theories and techniques have filtered down to Quality Improvement (QI) work today, primarily his Juran Trilogy and the vital quality work he carried out both in Japan and the USA.

Lloyd Nelson: The man who developed the concept of Special Cause Variation

In this article we’re going to find out more about Lloyd Nelson, who developed the concept of Special Cause Variation. As with many of our Improvement Heroes, Nelson’s ideas stemmed from work done by Walter A. Shewhart (plus link to Life QI article) and his invention of the 8 Nelson rules is still guiding and inspiring Quality Improvement (QI) to this day. Let’s find out more about his background, influences and ground-breaking work.